Women’s Gatherings

Women’s gatherings, or circles, provide a safe space for women to come together, use their voices and be heard and be seen.

Women’s Gatherings – A Call for Connection

Are you longing for connection and a sense of belonging in a safe space, where you can grow and be yourself?

Would you love to be a part of a woman’s circle, where you will be met with warmth and respect?

In these circles, we create a safe and sacred space, where our conversations are authentic and the connections are nourishing to the soul.

A Safe Space Where Everyone Matters

This is a safe and loving space where everyone matters; where we listen to one another with compassion, understanding and respect, enabling everyone to be seen and heard.

In this supported space you can learn, grow and take some time for yourself, whilst gaining some magical insights, which being a part of this group will provide.

Being a part of this circle will enhance, awaken and enrich your life, lead and guide you to connect back to yourself and your inner awareness.  Sitting in circle together with other women reminds us that it is safe to be vulnerable and unapologetically ourselves. It helps us feel the power of listening with an open heart, whilst giving and receiving support in healthy ways.

An Opportunity to Find and Share Your Voice

Gathering with women in this way gives us the energy needed to return to our lives. We gain inspiration, strength and perspective and a reassurance that our experience is often one that others share.

These circles give us opportunity to find and share our voice, discover our authenticity and create bridges of connection.

The invite is to come and join me, Alys, in a women’s circle, where we will join in sharing activities and meditations that will leave you feeling grounded, connected, energised, loved and present.

Come and share in the magic that happens when women gather together. Take time for yourself and fill your heart.

Have you been longing for…

A place that provides safety to connect, play, grow, heal, belong, laugh, cry or just BE?

A place where your authentic self will always be celebrated?

A place and you can openly share your desires, thoughts, dreams and feelings and take nourishing the time for yourself?

If so, you are warmly invited to reconnect with your wisdom, beauty, femininity, compassion and creativity at our experiential circle gathering.

This is a good opportunity to get a feel for what we do in our circles, and it can help you decide if you’d like to participate in our 8-week program.

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