Mindfulness-based therapy, placing the emphasis upon being present with your emotions as they are felt in your body

Mindfulness – The Full Details of Our Experience

Being mindful is actually something that we all did very naturally when we were small children. When we are being mindful, we are choosing to notice the full details of our experience, just as they are in this moment, without judging or trying to change them at all.

Sometimes mindfulness is described as seeing clearly. It’s a way of being fully present to this now moment, as opposed to being preoccupied with your to-do list, or last night’s challenging conversation with your partner or work colleague. It’s a way to connect back to yourself, and the life you are in – in this now moment, instead of being lost in the past or future, worrying, planning, ruminating, or catastrophising, as so often happens in the haste of our busy days.

Awareness and Love – Our True Essence

Drawing from over 25 years of mindfulness experience, I work very much in the here and now. A mindfulness-based therapy places the emphasis upon being present with our emotions as they are felt in our body, and meeting them with an open, kind and friendly curiosity so that we can get to understand what is happening for you.

For all of us, the path of understanding and befriending our experience requires great gentleness and patience.

The deep and persistent tendency to think that something is wrong with us is a prison that prevents us from living and loving fully. Yet as we learn to meet whatever arises in our body, heart and mind with kind acceptance, and a friendly interest, we discover a precious freedom.

Rather than being identified as a defective and insufficient Self, we can come to trust what Buddhists call our Buddha nature—the awareness and love that are our true essence.

Live a More Mindful Life

If the idea of a mindfulness practice appeals to you and you would like to learn more, there are lots of relatively easy ways to do just that.

As a mindfulness facilitator, mindfulness is an integral part of my life, and all the work I do and will be a thread that will run through everything I offer.

I run women’s circles where mindful awareness will be weaved through the way we show up for one another. The core of mindfulness will be present in all the groups I hold and all the trainings that I facilitate, so if you would love to live a more mindful life, then you have come to the right place.

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