Connection Therapy

Connection Therapy is a transformative, soulful therapy that helps you to find your way home.

Introducing Connection Therapy

Connection therapy is a transformative, soulful approach to therapy.

I see myself as a transformational guide that helps you, the hero of your life, find your way home; home to the truth of who we really are, home to the peace, love and wisdom that is your true nature, home to the experience of authenticity, purpose and wholeness, which is your birth right.

Connection Therapy Origins

I have been in the field of personal development and transformation for the past 25 years.

I have studied and trained in many different cutting edge approaches; from psychotherapy, energy psychology, spirituality, yoga, meditation, neuro science and mindfulness to working with shamans, and Native Americans in Central America.

I have spent my whole life seeking the internal map I needed to feel safe, a sense of belonging, peacefulness and to feel connected to others and myself in a way that made my heart happy. Through this journey, which has taken me over some very challenging and often dark and dangerous terrain, I have created a therapy that I call Connection Therapy.

Connection is the New Healing Tool

I see connection therapy like the wings of a bird, self-connection being one, and connections with others being the second wing.

For our bird to soar, and reach our true heights we need both wings to be in perfect balance.

Everybody needs to know that they matter, that their contribution is acknowledged, valued and recognised; that they are seen, heard and understood. This is what belonging is, having the opportunity to feel like you belong to something. Feeling welcomed, accepted, loved as you are, cherished as part of the whole. When there is little or no
connection, love and belonging there is always suffering. The need for connection is hard wired within us.

Lets learn to matter to ourselves, know ourselves, in a grounded awareness, acknowledging ourselves as valuable. Making peace with ourselves is an act of self love, which serves you and everybody you are connected to. And from this place of self-connection we can better connect to others.

When we learn to ‘be’ and live there kindly with ourselves – we learn that’s where we truly ‘belong’. Not being connected to yourself and your needs, disturbs your inner peace.

Communication is the Key

Communication is a key component to any healthy relationships and our main relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

Having a curious, kind and open warm attitude towards yourselves can support you so much, bringing you into deep peace, which creates inner balance.

Understanding ourselves, brings that understanding into all of our relationships, and has a connecting effect that inspires more meaningful relationships and deeper, more authentic connection, which brings belonging and togetherness.

There is power in togetherness and Connectivity is the bridge to get you there.

BACP Accredited
The Counselling Directory UK
Accredited Mindfulness Teacher