Spiritual Counselling

Finding Your Way Home through Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling helps us to find our way home, home to the truth of who we really are. Home to the peace, love and wisdom that is our true nature, home to the experience of authenticity, purpose and wholeness.

We do this by healing the suffering, self-limiting negative beliefs and stories that prevent us from living in our natural state of happiness and joy. For these wounds and stories are like clouds that form in front of the sun separating us from the light that is always there.

Spiritual Counselling Harrogate

Spiritual Counselling - Simple, Practical Problem Solving

Like all counselling methods, spiritual counselling works on the simple, practical level of problem solving and learning how to transform the difficult issues we all have to deal with in our lives.

It could be problems at work or issues of confidence and self-esteem; challenges with your partner or family or learning how to deal with fear, anger, grief or depression.

Or maybe that we are troubled by something more subtle – an inner feeling of frustration or emptiness, the sense that we have somehow gone off track and lost our purpose, or the persistent feeling that something essential is missing from life.

Whatever the immediate issue, spiritual counselling offers the tools and insights to help you not only to resolve it, but also to discover who you are.

The Way I Work Will Help You...


One to One

Counselling face to face
£ 60
per session
  • Please note, sessions at my office are unavailable during the Covid-19 period.

Online & Phone

Counselling via video link or phone
£ 60
per session
  • Session duration 60 minutes over online link or phone.