Counselling Services in Harrogate

Understand, Support, Grow Through Counselling

Science tells us our thoughts can affect our cellular structure and in some cases, can lead to disease within our bodies. In the same way our emotions affect our health and wellbeing.

We all know of the Mind-Body connection, therefore the improvements in psychological wellbeing translates into physical vitality.

As human beings, we have within ourselves all the resources we need to improve our situation. Sometimes our resources are under-developed or unused, or perhaps we don’t even know they exist. 

My role is to help and support you to find those resources and together we can discover what needs to happen for you to move forward. Research has shown that the most important variable in a successful course of therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and therapist.

I work from a place of experiential knowing. I am able to provide a firm holding space for all that you are with me. I know how much courage it takes to open to another, so this will always be met with warmth, understanding and empathy. Learn more about counselling.

Counselling Through Mindful Enquiry

I know how much courage it takes to open to another, so you will always be met with warmth, understanding and empathy.

Together we will gently explore your present experience so you can gain a greater awareness of who you are and what you need.

The way I work will help you make new connections that can lead to a greater understanding of your past, which allows you to move forward with more awareness into a better future.

Through this supportive relationship, whatever situation you find yourself in, I will help you navigate your way out.

I offer Mindful Enquiry, which can help you see your life differently, change unhelpful thoughts and patterns & experience more choice and inner freedom.

I can work with anything that is currently challenging you. My gift is that I understand quickly what is going on and can identify the best way to support you through it.

I have developed tools to create emotional resilience, not only to support the challenging issues, but also to transform them. Together we will cultivate the emotional resources needed to restore balance, purpose and vitality in your life, relationships, work and hopes for your future.

You will be met with a safe space to take a fresh look at your life and to talk freely and openly about your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a way that is rarely possible in our daily life.

You will be supported to make sense of your life in a way that leads to a renewed sense of hope and lasting change.

Midfulness-Based Counselling in Harrogate

I work very much in the here and now of my clients experience.

A mindfulness based therapy places greater emphasis upon being present with our emotions as they are felt in our body –  our ‘felt sense.’

What is so valuable is opening to the fullness of our experience as it is, rather than too quickly moving towards cognitive understanding and the finding of meaning. This is more about ‘being with’  than ‘doing’ (figuring out,
fixing, striving, over thinking) which can move you away from the experience. Learning to listen and stay with what our body feels in a kind and tender way, leads to feeling more understood,
and thus more healing through feeling ‘got’ understood and acknowledged.

This way of working deeply resonates with my heart. I have found that by leaning into our experiences and feeling them fully helps to grow a more relational and kindly acceptance, which
serves as a vehicle for deep inner healing.

For all of us, the journey of understanding and befriending our experience requires great tenderness, gentleness and patience towards ourselves.

Have you noticed, we can all have a deep, and at times persistent tendency to think that there is something ‘wrong with us’, that in some way we are ‘not enough’ or okay

This can feel like a prison, which prevents us from living and loving fully, and it can lead to a deep inner loneliness.

Yet as we learn to meet whatever arises in our body, heart and mind with a loving, kind acceptance and a friendly interest, we
discover a new freedom. Rather than being ‘identified’ as imperfect and ‘not enough’, we can come to trust what Buddhists call our Buddha Nature – the awareness and goodness
that are our true essence.

If you are ready to see your life differently, change unhelpful patterns and experience more choice and authenticity, then please get in touch.


One to One

Counselling face to face
£ 60
per session
  • Please note, sessions at my office are unavailable during the Covid-19 period.

Online & Phone

Counselling via video link or phone
£ 60
per session
  • Session duration 60 minutes over online link or phone.